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I rented Monster last night, and it was amazing, as ever =P i watched it twice, then I watched, Based On A True Story : The Making Of Monster.

It was absolutely amazing in every respect. It was really sad to see how drained Charlize was after every scene. Especially in the scene when Aileen kills the guy because he saw her gun, when she didnt really want to kill him. After shooting that, Charlize just wandered off and sat on a chair and just cried. I really think she is just such a great actress.

And then Christina was hott =P like she always is.


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There's a "making of monster"

because I can't find that on the dvd I rented =(
on the DVD i rented, all thats on it is the film and the making of. It on the main menu on this DVD probably coz the UK and US versions are different



that's what I wanted to see and it's like

"making of the music score"

on the us dvd

:::moves to UK::
lol, come visit me =P

hope you find someway of seeing it

no no, it's on our dvd version too. i'll find it and tell you where to look.

addams family- i totally agree, i never thought charlize was any good until this... it's really sad to see how much of herself she puts into the character and how much the character drains from her.
yeah, charlize was just Aileen in every respect, i mean, just look at how much time she and Patty Jenkins spent down in Florida, talking to her friends. I mean they read through every letter Aileen sent her best friend for the past 11 years, it would be kind of hard not to feel for her, and have, trying to play her, and feel how she felt, completely drain you.