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xx _ Monster _ xx

Faith Can Move Mountains : Love Will Always Find A Way

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Hello! I have been trying to find a community dedicated to the greatest film ever made, Monster, but i failed, so i came to realise i could just start my own community =P There are few rules, but th rules that are set down, please follow them!

1. Stay Relevant
2. Do not post about hating the film/actors/crew
3. Have fun

Can i also add that this community does not support the murder of the Aileen's victims, this communtity is completely based around the film Monster not the actual happenings.

If you need to contact the moderator, you can email me at: backend_of_forever@hotmail.co.uk

I would like to thank relentlesslove for the lovely layout used in this community

Thank You And Enjoy

::: Kay :::